Chalking on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus will be permitted in designated place, time and manner.  Only UCCS departments and registered student organizations will be allowed permits. Chalking is prohibited in the following areas:

  • All parking lots
  • All streets and roads including but not limited to any area designed primarily for vehicular traffic
  • All doors
  • All windows
  • All stairs and stairwells including exterior stairs 
  • All fences
  • University buses and motor vehicles 
  • All signs
  • Within 20 feet of building entrances (Exception of housing villages where chalking may not be done within 10 feet of building) 
  • On the Mountain Lion Statue, its base, or any other artwork on campus




To receive approval all student organizations must request approval for chalking from the Office of Student Life and Leadership at the time that they submit an event application on Mountain Lion Connect. All University departments must request approval for chalking by emailing the Director of the University Center. 


Information required on each permit includes but is not limited to:

  • Requested location
  • Message to be displayed
  • A diagram of the proposed chalking 
  • Requested start and end date
    • Chalking may be done no more than 7 days in advance
    • Chalking must be cleaned up within 24 hours of event 


Only water soluble chalk may be used. Water soluble chalk is available for student organizations in the Office of Student Life and Leadership. Departments must provide their own water soluble chalk.