Meeting Spaces


Meeting Spaces

University Center

University Center Meeting Rooms


The University Center is centrally located on campus and houses the majority of the meeting facilities with over over ten multi-use meeting rooms. All with custom set-ups, immediate assistance, AV Projection and Sound Systems, Information Desk, and much more! In addition, the University Center has several very convenient retail locations for your attendees.

University Center Meeting Rooms | Set-Ups and Capacities

Cucharas House Meeting Rooms


Cucharas House Meeting Rooms, located on the North West side of campus, offer 5 different meeting spaces in Alpine Valley. These 'smart' meeting rooms can accommodate various set-ups as well as accommodating a wide range of attendees. In addition, you will find very convenient parking and direct access into the classrooms from the outside.

Cucharas House Meeting Rooms | Set-Ups and Capacities

Breckenridge House Meeting Rooms


Located on the west campus, this Residence Hall contains four 1st floor classrooms for meetings. Each room has a Projection Screen and White Board. It is also home to a larger meeting room with a podium, LCD projector, sound system and laptop connection.

Breckenridge House Meeting Rooms | Set-Ups and Capacities