Reservation Guide


Reservation Guide

The University Center's Event Services office coordinates departmental and contracted use of meeting and event space for UCCS staff, faculty, student clubs, and various campus organizations. Event Services also coordinates contracted meetings and events for all non-UCCS affiliated individuals or organizations. In addition to reserving meeting and event space. We are also happy to provide a number of resources for your planning needs. We are your one-stop shop for all your needs.


With our centralized service model we are able to recommend, reserve and confirm your event across all of our campus locations. We also coordinate all the details that your event will need to be successful such as: catering, parking, equipment rental, Audio Visual needs, room set up and much more; please work with your event planner in our office to work through all the details of your event.

  • Audio Visual

    We are happy to provide support and advising for your event. Whether it's embedded video, wireless microphones, or a musical performance; we are dedicated to making sure that all your technical requirements are met.

  • Event Advising

    If you are looking for that perfect place to hold your campus meeting, we can help you find the right room. All events large and small, our experienced staff is ready to help you plan the perfect event. We will design a room layout, provide reservation confirmation and confer with you to ensure that you have a quality event.

  • Event Day Support

    Are you worried about those last minute needs? Our staff is on-site and on-call for your convenience. We are here to help direct attendees, ensure event setup, check-in for AV, and anything else you may need.

  • Requesting a Reservation

    If you are looking to schedule an event or make changes to an event up to 72 hours before your reservation you will need to contact our office directly, our staff can assist you in person or over the phone. Please note that this is for events only; classes for credit are still processed through Academic Scheduling.

    Please make sure your request is accurate. Room access will be prohibited outside of reservation start and end times. Because of this, please discuss your set up and tear down needs with your event planner. Departments and clubs are free to schedule up to one year in advance. Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received; with consideration given to group size, the type of program and available space. Management reserves the right to assign, and if necessary, reassign facilities to assure the most efficient and appropriate use of the facilities.

  • Customer Responsibilities
    1. Groups or individuals sponsoring an event are responsible for the actions of all participants. Willful violation or negligence of this understanding by the group or individual may result in the loss of scheduling privileges.
    2. University Center equipment (tables, chairs, AV, etc.) is a student fee funded purchase and is therefore restricted to use within the University.
    3. A representative of the group must remain on site until the event is completed and all participants and/or outside vendors or performers have left the premises. Customers are responsible for removing all equipment, decorations, and other equipment at the conclusion of the event, otherwise clean up fees may apply.
    4. Only food & beverages ordered through the UCCS's Dining and Food Services may be served on campus. Exceptions to the catering requirement need to be requested in advance of scheduling via this form and must have approval from The Director of the University Center.
  • Holidays and Extended Hours

    Events charging attendees an admission fee, requesting donations or hosting a fundraiser are subject to rental fees. The University Center will open early, close late, or open on days it is normally closed. An hourly labor fee (1 hr. min.) applies for holidays or extended hour reservations. To confirm that your event date does not conflict with a religious holiday, please reference the following websites:

  • Areas to Reserve

    We are happy to offer a centralized Event Services operation; representing all event areas on campus. Let us know what type of event or meeting you are planning and we can help find the right location, coordinate the set-up of your room, place a catering order, secure parking for your guests and much more. Please note University Center equipment (tables, chairs, AV, etc) is a student fee funded purchase and is therefore restricted to use on campus only. There are some locations on campus we do not have the ability to support, your event planner will work with you on outside rentals if that is the case with your event.

  • Event Setup and Arrangement Requests
    1. New Requests - Please be sure to designate a single contact for coordinating event reservations, especially with planning committees. We ask that all event requests and arrangements be submitted at least one week ahead of your scheduled event and no less than 72 hours in advance of your event. Any changes to the initial reservation must be authorized and confirmed by the University Center Scheduling Coordinator.
    2. Furniture - Room capacities are regulated by the fire code and cannot be exceeded for any reason. Be sure to contact the UC Information desk for porter service; please do not move tables or chairs. Responsibility for notification of set-up needs rests entirely with the requesting party.
    3. Catering - UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services has first right of refusal for all events/meetings on campus. Clients can request an exemption to bring in outside food, a request must be submitted via an exemption form. All requests will be reviewed by the Director of the University Center, if the request is denied the client must go through UCCS Dining and Hospitality to get food for the event. All order must be placed with event services, please work with you event planner to do so. The catering menu and guidelines can be found right below:

      Catering MenuCatering Guidelines

    4. Storage - At its discretion, the University may agree to store a limited number of boxes and materials delivered within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the program/event. Due to space constraints, the University cannot store materials delivered more than 24 hours in advance. The University accepts no responsibility for safeguarding these materials.
    5. Audio Visual - Event Services Office does not provide laptops for meeting rooms. Please be sure to inquire with your event planner in regards to your event needs and our technical capabilities. We do suggest a dedicated service technician for multi-function presentations.
    6. Sound Amplification - Approval will be granted for use of amplification equipment at events if there is a high probability that the planned event will not disrupt or disturb other University activities. If noise complaints are received from the surrounding community, the University Police will have the authority to ask event sponsors to lower the sound level or if necessary terminate the event.
    7. Equipment Rental - Specialty audio/visual, lighting, and equipment needs beyond the University Centers inventory can be arranged for an additional fee. Rental equipment is subject to terms and agreements through a 3rd party vendor and may differ depending on request. Late cancellations, administrative fees, harmless liabilities may apply.
  • Security

    The University reserves the right at all times to control all licensed facilities, resources, and to enforce all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Duly authorized representatives of the University may enter licensed premises for maintenance emergencies, safety concerns, or if illegal activity is suspected. Doors cannot be locked for any reason. The University will maintain the right to determine and require the appropriate event security for any event held on our premises.

  • Parking

    Due to current parking restrictions we are typically unable to accommodate any off-campus event attendees Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Please work with you event planner in the event services office to see if we can offer any alternative options for parking.

  • Event Day

    All groups shall obey all published University and University Center policies. The following items are strictly prohibited:

    • Smoking or open flames in public buildings
    • Possession of illegal weapons or substances
    • Cooking or preparing food of any kind
    • Engaging in disruptive, destructive or dangerous behavior
    • Storage of alcoholic beverages at the facilities
    • Affixing anything to the ceilings, walls, floors, or woodwork of the facilities including doors and windows (no tape or pins)
    • Any charges associated with a scheduled event may be subject to fees as needed to cover costs.
    • Fire code guidelines require that doorways, hallways, corridors, staircases and exits must not be obstructed.
    • All decorating in these facilities or surrounding outside areas must be approved in advance by Event Services.
    • Any decorations used for an event must be removed by the sponsoring individual or group at the conclusion of the event.
    • Special effects equipment such as smoke, lighting effects, fog and fire machines are not permitted.
    • The University is not responsible for the loss of any materials or displays, gifts, favors or other items left in the facilities.
  • Billing

    Payment of invoices are due thirty (30) days from invoice date; failure to make payment on time may result in cancellation of all holds, tentative and confirmed reservations that are at the University Center. Payment for services on your behalf will be billed appropriately.


All UCCS Clubs and Departments please book your space through Kx Calendar.  All non-UCCS affiliated inquiries please call Event Services at 719-255-3664 or email